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Friday, January 8, 2016

10 random facts about new me

Guys, tolonglah ucap tahniah pada I, sebab berjaya turn on my laptop just for blogging. So setan tak berjaya menghasut aku untuk menjadi malas! 


It’s been two years already,I’m in process. Ada yang buruk dulu pergi ke baik dan ada juga yang baik tiba-tiba pergi ke jahat. Oh wait! Yes, it happened tapi I ubah benda tu untuk kebaikan dan juga pengalaman yang I pernah lalui dulu. Sometimes we need to ‘I’ first on everything! That’s the only way to make sure you happy with your life. 

So let’s start? 

  1.  I love sushi so much- I’m in trouble with sushi. Dear sushi, I just won’t give up on us. Even when I’m cashless, I will never give up to put you in my mouth! Take note. My mother used to advice me not to eat so much sushi. She thinks sushi is unhealthy because it uncooked. She always freak me out about all the cacing inside the sushi  because it’s something uncooked and not all bacteria in sushi dead really.  Well, I tell ya! Not working! I love all the cacing in the sushi. Cacing sedap! Haha.
  2. Afraid of heights-  I just realised about that when I was 22. I went to Genting Highland with my friends. I’m really excited about to ride all the outdoors game! Roller coaster, space shoot and yes many that I can’t remember! So, I tried space shoot for the first time, my excitement turn out to be horror! Jantung macam nak jatuh. I cried like a child. I never had this feeling before and I don’t want to feel it again like ever! During spaceshoot, when I’m on top I promised to myself I will not doing this again! This is totally crazy!
  3. Sensitive and overthinking- before, I am sensitive and overthinking but not too much. Just this time, argghhhhh I wish I have no brain and mind. Until one point, I could give up everything if it is can make me to stop thinking. I just really need someone on this. To help! You know my problem? I’m too focusing on something it’s not important at all. So mental! 
  4.   I love movies!- Not any genre. Kalau horror ni memang tak akan. Haha. Maaf. Nak tengok cerita seram? I’m not the one!
  5. White and red- My favourite colour is white and red. Red paling I suka!
  6. Travel- I love travel so much! One of the reason kenapa i bertahan dalam hotel industry. I love to see people travel even bukan I yang travel. Well, by the way, in the mid of February nanti. I will go to Pulau Perhentian! Tak sabarnya!!!!
  7. Writing – Lepas je tamat SPM, I do writing a lot. Writing about experience. Writing about personal opinion. Writing short stories and many! Writing is fun to me. For short stories, my writing more go to cerita seram or kehidupan. Cinta? Na! Oh ya! No 4? I don’t watch horror movies but I’m writing horror stories? Now, you see this is my problem. I can’t watch horror movies because I’m not strong enough to see it with my eyes. Even ia rekaan dari produser filem.  I’m writing because I don’t see it. I ‘m using my imaginations.
  8. Julie and Janny- I love my car so much so I name it. My first car is Perodua Kancil. My mother bought it for me. I name it Janny just because I drove it for the first time from Segamat to Melaka on 1St January 2013. It’s Jan Baby! Sad thing is, I have to trade in Janny with Julie. Julie is Axia. I got Julie on 3rd July 2015.
  9. Trying to fit- I faced problem with my diet. I love unhealthy food a lot. I love cheese. I love soft drink. I love sweets and chocolate. I love caffeine. I hate green. I hate vegetables. I hate exercising! oh god! Don’t ever bother ask my weight.
  10. Okay. I ambil masa seminggu untuk tulis semua benda ni!

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