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Monday, November 29, 2010

DALIL ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥

“Dalil Cinta” is a comedian drama by …(I don’t know who the producer). For a long time! I am not interested in Malay Drama and to be supporter for our FILM INDUSTRY. Hehehe. I have to admit it. However, after watch the Drama with my family. Family time! I HAVE TO CHANGE MY PERCEPTION TO THIS INDUSRTY and I very proud to say OUR FILM INDUSTRY have a great chance to achieve the success just like HOLLYWOOD got!  Congratulations Dalil Cinta. I am very sorry because I have no time to research who is the great producer make the Drama! (Except have a time for my FACEBOOK) hahaha. So, what actually the story about?  Nisa (play by Sharifah Amani) still studying in Degree and have been amazing love with Zareef (play by Fahrin Ahmad ~ouch I love his body hehe~) a mechanic. 

Fahrin Ahmad

Sharifah Amani

They decide to get married while Nisa still to young to be wife. Yeah! But people always say : LOVE IS BLIND!! So, they still with their decision to get married even for the beginning, Nisa’s Parent disagree with that! Why Nisa’s Parent disagree? This is not only because of Nisa is too young! Nisa also cannot get ready to be wife. I mean Nisa cannot cook and doing the homework too (tidy up). For Nisa, life is simple. She cannot fold the clothes very well to. How embarrassing to be girl I guess!! For the first time she went to Zareef’s home. To see her future mother in law! Zareef’s mom! She asked by Zareef’s mom to cook. However, Nisa in very childish attitude, going to Stall around the village, ask the stall to cook hot and sour and vegetables fry. Why she is doing that? This is because she cannot cook. Nevertheless, she was lied to Zareef’s mom said that she can cook. Work smart I guess! Then, they get married. Test from god for the marriage. For all tidy up and homework was done by her husband. For heaven sake! This lady is really lazy. She just sleeps and take away lunch and dinner, bring to home and give her husband eat! The worst thing! Her husband will have instant noodles every night if she is too tired. Her mother knows about it and come to her home and advises her! I can say her mother is nagging her!!  But she so childish and not take it as serious. Unfortunately, she was mad and accuses her husband reporting her to her mom about it. CHILDISH RIGHT? ermm.. What a pity husband? In the other story, her mother in law was knows already about what she have done to her during the first meeting Nisa and Zareef’s mom.  Of course she knows, the stall in her village, the owner of the stall was told the childish story to the Zareef’s mom. She was mad and makes one plan! Pretending sick and ask Nisa and Zareef back to see her. During that time! She asks Nisa to cook hot and sour again! Using catfish! SOUND DELICIOUS YEA!! Yummmyyyy.. Nisa was worried and cannot run for this time. Her mother in law hide the key of bike to make Nisa can’t out and ask help from the stall again!! She also ask Zareef to accompany her in her room to make he can’t help his wife!!What a smart plan!! Hehehe.. Childish too I guess!! Hahahaha..The funny things, Nisa clean the catfish using perfume spray!! OOOHHHH MY GOSHHHH!!hahaha… whatever la Nisa!! At the end, she was KANTOI that she is cannot cook!! Her mother in law was nagging her and she was sad. However, she still lazy and not take as serious. One day, to make sure she already change, her mother in law come to her house and check it out by herself.  For the first day, everything was okay. The second day, she was KANTOI again heehehe. The worst thing happens; she was quarrel with her mother in law. Nisa is so rude!!! Her mother in law was sulk and back to village! Old woman is really sensitive la. Zareef is lost the patient and fight with Nisa. Nisa dare Zareef to live without her and Zareef say yes!! Egoistic.. So, they live separately. Nisa think Zareef will back together with her but regretfully not! Zareef makes one plan! He makes Nisa jealous, out with others woman in front of Nisa’s eyes! He also insulted Nisa and say Nisa are not good enough to his wife instead the woman! Nisa was sad and she learn to cook and learn to be “ Isteri Mithali” with her mother in law. Of course she still loves her husband and tries to get back.  Then, her husband accepted her again and explains the other woman is actually his Mak Usu! They make plan to make Nisa realize her responsibilities as wife! They live together happily ever after!!!


P/S: the moral of the story, please get married when you get ready! Hahaha.. I am very proud tooo! because my name was used in the drama!! NISA!!! what a lovely name i guess!!:p

Saturday, November 27, 2010

 MY HOMEland 

Hye, it’s me! Again and again! New entry for everyday! For this entry I would like to touch about my homeland. I was born in Melaka, Malaysia. My parent comes from this country.  I was growing up in Johor Bahru and moved here when I was 13. Then, I live with my grandpa and grandma together with my mom and two beautiful sisters here. However, now, my Pak Usu and his family come live together with us. He has 4 beautiful children! His kids so cute! I will tell about his kids later. This because I would like to talk about my homeland! It’s located in Kampung Krubong, Melaka. It’s a wonderful place. I m so proud to be a country girl!

It was me, wearing kain batik, KAMPUNG GIRL!!

Yesterday, I bring my little sister walk in our Kampung by motorcycle and I have capture some picture for all of you to see environment here.  So, let’s start about my home. What my home looks alike? Part of my home made from brick and cement. You know, just like your home in Residential Area. Other part of my home made from woods! Just like the old home in 1957. It’s a unique home!  It’s been in my family for generations. It’s a very beautiful and shining home during Hari Raya J

There is my lovely home! Beautiful!
 My home has one garage so anyone who comes to my home can park their car there but for the weekdays just have one car in the garage which is my mom’s car. Kancil Merah! That’s what I call! But then, we will have three cars because Pak Usu and his family were moved here, of course. So, we’re on our own.

Kancil Merah! My mom's

JDT 1260, it's a beautiful number huh! JOKER! :p

I can see my mom's car from our stairs!

Well, that's not my mom's car! This opposite view from our stairs

In front of my home, there have a small garden belong to my grandpa. My grandpa loves to do the cultivation there. Have mango’s tree so do the rambutan, pineapple and many more over there. So, when the fruit season comes, I can eat many delicious fruit! So sweet and fresh! No need to go to the stall.

The garden!!

In my village, there have one river, just like in other village. We can fish, swimming and relax over there. According to my grandpa, the river has one legend such a mythos, I guess. The story begin when one woman was given birth the twins. The one is human but the other one is baby white crocodile. After discussing, the family decided to release the baby of crocodile to the river. Since that, people will not let their kids to play near the river because many kids were missing in the river. The villagers believe the kids were eaten by the crocodile. I m not sure the story is real or not! But that’s what my grandpa told me about the river. Maybe it just one story to make their kids scary to play at the river, I guess. You know, the river is deep. They may drown right? 

 That's the river! :)

From the other side!

Like other village, we have cow and goat too. Just like live in a farm right? hehehe. Supposed to be having hen and duck too. Instead, I forgot to capture them! J

 Goat! and their poo. hehehe.

 Goat again!

Isn’t look cute? hehe

Cow! There, there and over there!

That’s it! Hehehe. That’s only I can talk about my homeland. I suggest you to come here and look by yourself what is the different between my village and others. Hehehe. I am very sure you will feel to live here when you become old and make you marriage have happy ending just like my grandpa and grandma. It’s very comfy and far from the noise of the city!

 My granny and grandpa!

P/s: village is not about my self huh? Hehehe.

Friday, November 26, 2010

***Hanging Garden Babylon***

When I was kid, my mom always tells me about 7 natural wonders of the world compiled by Greek writers.  This is first known list about 7 natural wonders of the world which are:
§  Great Pyramid of Giza
§  Hanging Gardens of Babylon
§  Statue of Zeus at Olympia
§  Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
§  Mausoleum of Maussollos at Halicarnassus
§  Colossus of Rhodes
§  Lighthouse of Alexandria

the old one!!

Regretfully not, just Great Pyramid of Giza still exists until now. Then,  On July 7, 2007 in Lisbon, Portugal a new list of new 7 wonders of the world was announced. The vote was devised by led by Bernard Weber and organised by Swiss government controlled New Seven Wonders Foundation.  This is the following of new 7 wonders of the world:

§  Taj Mahal, Agra, India
§  Chichen Itza, Yucatán, Mexico
§  Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
§  Colosseum, Rome, Italy
§  Great Wall of China, China
§  Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Perú
§  Petra, Jordan

the new one!!

However, I would like to talk about the old one and feel interesting to talk about Hanging Garden Babylon. When I was kid, my mom always tells me about this 7 wonder of the world but I am very interesting about the Hanging Garden Babylon. Curiosity! I always think how one garden can be hanging on the water. (That’s what my mom tell me) hehehe. You know, Imagination all over MY little WORLD. I will imagine the garden will float like ships or boat because it’s hanging right? 

canoe hanging!!
Maybe it’s just like frame of family picture that hanging in wall at home. Hanging right? 

What the material the country use to make the garden still there and so that the garden will not drift into other places? How it can float and not going to be shipwrecked?

imagine the ship is garden J

All of the question always comes in my mind. IMAGINATION lol! So now my age is 20 years old. My mom decides to install wi-fi in our home, so that I can get answer for all my question! Don’t need to ask her. I am going to make own research about my curiosity. Hehehe.  OWN RESEARCH?? Ouch..!!  so, lets start!

According to the history, the first dynasty was build by Hammurabi, the king during the time I guess, maybe he just like Firaun. This happens during Neo-Babylonian after empire of Assyrian. Around 600BC, the king which is Bukhtannasar (Nebuchadnezzar II) was thinking worry about his wife who does not eats and drink for two days because of homesick. The wife is come from Persia very longed for the trees and fragrant plants. In order to make the wife keep happy, the king give instruction to the country make one garden for his wife which is the garden consist of the tress and fragrant plants from his wife’ homeland, Persia.  


Amuhia or Amytis of Media

The Garden was 100 feet (30 m) long by 100 ft wide and built up in tiers so that it resembled a theatre. It’s a square shape right? 


Vaults had been constructed under the ascending terraces which carried the entire weight of the planted garden; the uppermost vault, which was seventy-five feet high, was the highest part of the garden, which, at this point, was on the same level as the city walls. It’s just like Cameron Highlands, just like stairs to grown up the plant (that’s what I saw in my car) J.

cameron highlands
The roofs of the vaults which supported the garden were constructed of stone beams some sixteen feet long, and over these were laid first a layer of reeds set in thick tar, then two courses of baked brick bonded by cement, and finally a covering of lead to prevent the moisture in the soil penetrating the roof. On top of this roof enough topsoil was heaped to allow the biggest trees to take root. The earth was leveled off and thickly planted with every kind of tree. And since the galleries projected one beyond the other, where they were sunlit, they contained conduits for the water which was raised by pumps in great abundance from the river, though no one outside could see it being done. It’s located in Iraq. Lastly, the gardens were destroyed by several earthquakes after the second century BC. There only a few sign in the garden after destroyed.

the sign 

Done, interesting story I guess. Actually, this only part of the story behind the Hanging Garden, if you want to know fully story about this garden and the country, you can visit the website:


p/s: baby: justin bieber hahahaha..:p

Thursday, November 25, 2010


What is the real definition of blog? According to my boyfriend, blog is a diary. People who make blog will tell their feeling about their life through blog. Is it true? Sort of I think. So, they will publish their story that supposed to be privacy to people.  However, my boyfriend is not professional person that we can accept his opinion 100%. He just a student and his words cannot be our strong evidence to this topic.

my little boy! even he had a big tummy! wwweee
So, what Wikipedia said about blog? A blog (a blend of the term web log)[1] is a type of website or part of a website. Blogs are usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. Blog can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog. 

i called it as wiki-wiki, hehehe. cute right? :p

What make me think to create a blog? Simple! I just want to try something new.  It started when I read entries of my friend, I feel happy and fun. And I was thinking, why I don’t make one too. I mean blog. Besides, it can be my activity during my break semester. You know, in a positive way. Perhaps, I can improve my language too. Grammar and comprehension I guess. My followers can correct my grammar and help me to write in right way. It’s a very wonderful thing if many people can help me to know English very deeply. I have to admit that sometime I have less confident to read and talk, so even write in English. Sometimes? Not sometime! Actually, EVERY TIME when my lecturer asks me to talk, read and write in English. So, I will rewrite this sentences, I have to admit that sometime I have less confident to read and talk, so even write in English AT ALL. Do you know? If my friends said they always do not like Marketing or Accounting class because we have to thinking strictly and hardly, then, they will ask me which class I choose to drop if we can to do it. I will say BEL class. PROUDLY!!  In UITM, English class we called as a BEL Class. They will shout at me, laugh and others call me insane or whatever. Why? This is because, for them, BEL class is a very such beautiful class because it can release tension, enjoyable, no stress and fun. However, for me, the class is a game between me and the lecturer because I will play hide and seek in the class. Hide my face to avoid answering my lecturer’s question. That’s the truth. I don’t like my BEL class AT ALL. A thousands apologies to my BEL’s lecturers who teach me from Part 1 until Part 5, please forgive me. I know this entry really- really make you disappointed or upset but I can lie my self anymore. Okay, its to far from the topic. hehehe. The topic is ...…BLOG, BLOGGER, BLOGGING……not…….ENG, LISH, ENGLISH…hahahaha. 

blogger, i don't like combination of blue and orange, but i do love blogger!!
you are great blogger!!
"UITM di hati ku" is the uitm's song. :p

So, who make me think to create this blog? No body actually. It comes from my self but influence from friend and magazine can be the minor. What types of topic can be my entries? Alright, I will try to avoid telling the story about my life in order to show my respect to my boyfriend. So, I will give my opinion about something general that always happens in OUR life. You know, something like FASHION, POLITICAL, BEAUTY, HEALTHY, HISTORY, and anything except my life. I will give my view and opinion in all the topics that I feel interesting to discuss. Why *MY little WORLD*? Ermmm.. it’s a though question!  MY? This is my blog not you, or other people. So I put my.. hehehe. little? Little is synonym with words of cute and I like something cute, that’s why LITTLE be the middle, with a small capital letter shows little..then world? This is about world or environment surrounding us.  That’s why I choose *MY little WORLD* as my title. So, that’s all for my first entry.
*MY little WORLD*


p/s : when I was younger, I though blog have a same meaning with BLOCK. Hahaha.