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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Teach with Respect

Sekian lama, barulah nak update blog yang berdebu ni. Last entri, sebelum kahwin. Ni kali entri, dah kahwin. Nampak tak bertapa busynya hidup I? Bukan acah busy beb. Tapi I really have my life. LOL. Okey, so this time, it’s all about how to teach with respect.

So basically, I am not a teacher and I don’t have any rights to teach and guide more about anything at school or some legal education places but I’m human! So it gives me right to give an opinion.

2018, is not just number. Tahun ini adalah 2018. Intelligent era, full with intelligent people but stupid with some manners. ANDDDD I’M REALLY REALLY HOPE PEOPLE READ THISS!

What I’m about to say is sharing knowledge is excellent! You share. Tak kedekut. You teach people. You all tegur kawan ataupun family kita sebab nak memperbetulkan apa yang tak betul. So kawan atau family tak delah terus sesat memanjang kan? It’s good! Never say this is wrong. However, have you seen the way you do it?

Benda yang paling banyak sekali orang kita buat skang ni, they teach by giving demotivate to people. (I love to call orang kita now as intelligent people, because if you stop someone in the middle of the city and ask about the education background, most of it will say they are from college or universities).

Recently, my close family comes to me, said she’s a bit uninspired and demotivated to speak English in communication. Well, she’s not from any College and University but she loves and brave to speak in English. I’m really proud of her, tapii yelah, because she’s not familiar in speaking English. The pronounce of certain words is a bit funny and not right.Well, always together with her is her best close family who always correct everything she said! It’s good, but always make fun of it. Not just that, in front of other people!! In public.

For example, she tried to pronounce “Massage” however the pronounce wrongly to “Messager” and her best close family, “Eh apa lah Messager, MASSAGE, Messager tu apa!Messenger tu adalah! HAHAHAHAHAHA”

Oh you are the funniest person in the world!! Teach with NO RESPECT.

So you know, dia malu. Dia rasa diri dia diperbodohkan depan orang ramai. Dia rasa rendah diri. Dia rasa dia tak patut cakap bahasa lain. See?? Teach with No Respect make others people being negative and demotivated about themself. If people from other country, overseas. They don’t do this. They being so supportive about it! This is how their people always step forward to success.

Then after that, everytime the other one make fun of it. I’m being so serious and not laugh, it’s just STUPID AND NOT FUNNY AT ALL.

Ada salah ke kalau kita biarkan dulu. BIla orang sekeliling dah tak ada, tinggal berdua. Correct what it’s wrong without being funny. Please, take care maruah each other seem like less important for people nowadays. It’s very sad!

Sometimes kan, I’m not sure with this kind of people. I’m trying to understand them. Is they trying to be funny? Trying to be cool in front of public? Well you see, this is bullies. Bullies is not actually you beat people physically and you win because you are strong. This is also can be bullies, just mentally.
This is more worst! Just this type of bullies you can’t report to the police!

Then, what I can’t accept! If other profession being this kind of people. I might be can understand it but if a teacher or lecturer do this. Where’s the attitude?? You are supposed to spread the knowledge with honor.  Just correct it without being funny. Is it hard to do?

We are intelligent so be one!

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