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Saturday, November 27, 2010

 MY HOMEland 

Hye, it’s me! Again and again! New entry for everyday! For this entry I would like to touch about my homeland. I was born in Melaka, Malaysia. My parent comes from this country.  I was growing up in Johor Bahru and moved here when I was 13. Then, I live with my grandpa and grandma together with my mom and two beautiful sisters here. However, now, my Pak Usu and his family come live together with us. He has 4 beautiful children! His kids so cute! I will tell about his kids later. This because I would like to talk about my homeland! It’s located in Kampung Krubong, Melaka. It’s a wonderful place. I m so proud to be a country girl!

It was me, wearing kain batik, KAMPUNG GIRL!!

Yesterday, I bring my little sister walk in our Kampung by motorcycle and I have capture some picture for all of you to see environment here.  So, let’s start about my home. What my home looks alike? Part of my home made from brick and cement. You know, just like your home in Residential Area. Other part of my home made from woods! Just like the old home in 1957. It’s a unique home!  It’s been in my family for generations. It’s a very beautiful and shining home during Hari Raya J

There is my lovely home! Beautiful!
 My home has one garage so anyone who comes to my home can park their car there but for the weekdays just have one car in the garage which is my mom’s car. Kancil Merah! That’s what I call! But then, we will have three cars because Pak Usu and his family were moved here, of course. So, we’re on our own.

Kancil Merah! My mom's

JDT 1260, it's a beautiful number huh! JOKER! :p

I can see my mom's car from our stairs!

Well, that's not my mom's car! This opposite view from our stairs

In front of my home, there have a small garden belong to my grandpa. My grandpa loves to do the cultivation there. Have mango’s tree so do the rambutan, pineapple and many more over there. So, when the fruit season comes, I can eat many delicious fruit! So sweet and fresh! No need to go to the stall.

The garden!!

In my village, there have one river, just like in other village. We can fish, swimming and relax over there. According to my grandpa, the river has one legend such a mythos, I guess. The story begin when one woman was given birth the twins. The one is human but the other one is baby white crocodile. After discussing, the family decided to release the baby of crocodile to the river. Since that, people will not let their kids to play near the river because many kids were missing in the river. The villagers believe the kids were eaten by the crocodile. I m not sure the story is real or not! But that’s what my grandpa told me about the river. Maybe it just one story to make their kids scary to play at the river, I guess. You know, the river is deep. They may drown right? 

 That's the river! :)

From the other side!

Like other village, we have cow and goat too. Just like live in a farm right? hehehe. Supposed to be having hen and duck too. Instead, I forgot to capture them! J

 Goat! and their poo. hehehe.

 Goat again!

Isn’t look cute? hehe

Cow! There, there and over there!

That’s it! Hehehe. That’s only I can talk about my homeland. I suggest you to come here and look by yourself what is the different between my village and others. Hehehe. I am very sure you will feel to live here when you become old and make you marriage have happy ending just like my grandpa and grandma. It’s very comfy and far from the noise of the city!

 My granny and grandpa!

P/s: village is not about my self huh? Hehehe.

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