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Thursday, November 25, 2010


What is the real definition of blog? According to my boyfriend, blog is a diary. People who make blog will tell their feeling about their life through blog. Is it true? Sort of I think. So, they will publish their story that supposed to be privacy to people.  However, my boyfriend is not professional person that we can accept his opinion 100%. He just a student and his words cannot be our strong evidence to this topic.

my little boy! even he had a big tummy! wwweee
So, what Wikipedia said about blog? A blog (a blend of the term web log)[1] is a type of website or part of a website. Blogs are usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. Blog can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog. 

i called it as wiki-wiki, hehehe. cute right? :p

What make me think to create a blog? Simple! I just want to try something new.  It started when I read entries of my friend, I feel happy and fun. And I was thinking, why I don’t make one too. I mean blog. Besides, it can be my activity during my break semester. You know, in a positive way. Perhaps, I can improve my language too. Grammar and comprehension I guess. My followers can correct my grammar and help me to write in right way. It’s a very wonderful thing if many people can help me to know English very deeply. I have to admit that sometime I have less confident to read and talk, so even write in English. Sometimes? Not sometime! Actually, EVERY TIME when my lecturer asks me to talk, read and write in English. So, I will rewrite this sentences, I have to admit that sometime I have less confident to read and talk, so even write in English AT ALL. Do you know? If my friends said they always do not like Marketing or Accounting class because we have to thinking strictly and hardly, then, they will ask me which class I choose to drop if we can to do it. I will say BEL class. PROUDLY!!  In UITM, English class we called as a BEL Class. They will shout at me, laugh and others call me insane or whatever. Why? This is because, for them, BEL class is a very such beautiful class because it can release tension, enjoyable, no stress and fun. However, for me, the class is a game between me and the lecturer because I will play hide and seek in the class. Hide my face to avoid answering my lecturer’s question. That’s the truth. I don’t like my BEL class AT ALL. A thousands apologies to my BEL’s lecturers who teach me from Part 1 until Part 5, please forgive me. I know this entry really- really make you disappointed or upset but I can lie my self anymore. Okay, its to far from the topic. hehehe. The topic is ...…BLOG, BLOGGER, BLOGGING……not…….ENG, LISH, ENGLISH…hahahaha. 

blogger, i don't like combination of blue and orange, but i do love blogger!!
you are great blogger!!
"UITM di hati ku" is the uitm's song. :p

So, who make me think to create this blog? No body actually. It comes from my self but influence from friend and magazine can be the minor. What types of topic can be my entries? Alright, I will try to avoid telling the story about my life in order to show my respect to my boyfriend. So, I will give my opinion about something general that always happens in OUR life. You know, something like FASHION, POLITICAL, BEAUTY, HEALTHY, HISTORY, and anything except my life. I will give my view and opinion in all the topics that I feel interesting to discuss. Why *MY little WORLD*? Ermmm.. it’s a though question!  MY? This is my blog not you, or other people. So I put my.. hehehe. little? Little is synonym with words of cute and I like something cute, that’s why LITTLE be the middle, with a small capital letter shows little..then world? This is about world or environment surrounding us.  That’s why I choose *MY little WORLD* as my title. So, that’s all for my first entry.
*MY little WORLD*


p/s : when I was younger, I though blog have a same meaning with BLOCK. Hahaha.


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