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Friday, September 16, 2011

It's about degree part 2

Hey everybody and Asalamualaikum

Salam 1 Malaysia and Selamat Hari Malaysia

I'am glad because i'm happy for my degree. Yes, i want to story about my degree. Lets talk about my first day.

My first day is horrible and awkward. I'm cried because i'm alone and don't know anyone around me. New environment really makes me sick. I don't know where to eat and don't know what to do. I guess i can be independent but not in new place. People stared me weirdly. I afraid people don't want to be friend with me. However,I still strongly held on to my principle there should not be give up with anything i choose in my life. I choose to continue my studies in Bachelor in Accountacy at UiTM City Campus of Melaka. That is what i decided to do and i'll continue until the end. 

Then, a miracles came say hello to me. All i feel about my first impression to degree gone immediately. I trying to be friendly and say hi to everyone i saw and smile at them. I should thank to my roommate. She is the one comfort me every time i feel terrible. When she read this, she must have no idea what she done until i thank to her damn much. However, she is very amazing roommate. She care about me. She shows me everything i don't know about the place and she answer all my question very patient until i think i annoyed her but she did not say anything to me. Besides, she always smiling at me to convinced me that everything will be okay. Thanks Rabiatul Adawiyah or known as A'a.

Second day is my registration day. I have to give UiTM some document that they were request from me. I provide all the document and check them twice. I wish everything gonna be fine without any problem during dealing with them. Syukur Alhamdullilah. It works and i got some new friends. I'm very happy. Among them, is Khalida Amirah and Nur Atikah Farah Fasihah. They so friendly and just for a few hours we just like best friends. After that, we go to the auditorium for MPS (minggu pemantapan siswa) together. 

After all, i glad me and Khalida got same class so we can go together. Too bad, we very sad when Atikah cannot join us because she got Class F while we in Class C. We convinced her everything will be fine and we still friends just like we do in this week. She fine then. We still sad though. I hope she can join us. Well, when we think carefully, she can still join us because we on the same track. We together took same course. We just different class so we still can together study like group and compete. 

I love my degree. I'll think positive so that i can happy with my decision. I am happy. Being friendly make me got many friends. Although, some people who already know me ignoring me when we saw each other and not smile at me at all. I feel sad but i don't care. I have many friends in my degree which is better than them. They are not ignorant just like them. Ignorant is bad. You'll got nothing with your ignorant. You'll be someone who people hates damn much. Did all of you also agree with me? Ignorant are stupid and lame. Why you should be snobbish? 

Although i'm happy with my new life. I still missing my friends at UiTM Lendu. I cannot forget Memories in Lendu. I love them. Lendu taught me everything about life. Everything. Sad, Angry, Happiness, Love. Lendu record everything about that. 

I miss Lendu. I miss how i met my boyfriend there. I miss when i hanging out with my friends. I miss when we were happy and laugh when some of us make a jokes. I miss when i'm crying and some of my friend hugged me. I miss when we were fight and get back together. I miss all of that. I miss our assignment. I miss how i stressed out thinking about mu assignment. I miss my friends supported me when i feel down. I miss when how they comfort me when i got to through a hard time. I miss them very much. Each semester had their own memories to remember. I miss that.

There some picture of me, friends and the place i live now. 


I hope you enjoy it.

my apartment at Level 9, do come if you free

view from my level

me and tudung, had to wear during MPS

views from my room, is that cool?

my messy desk

i used to sleep here

me and atikah

me and khalidah

just me

Thanks for read :)

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