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Saturday, August 20, 2011

For you to read!

Hey everyone! Seriously, i don't know what to talk about and i've no idea to share about with you this weekend. Because of I've already promised to my follower that i will update my blog once a week so, i have to figure out something to write. Untill yesterday, I still don't know what to say,so today, i think i just tell you what i'm doing this weekend so that you have something to read from my blog. 

So, what i'm doing this weekend? 

Technically, nothing. I'm just lay on my bed watching Friends for second times while texting with my boyfriend. Actually, from last week I fanatic to a Korean Drama on NTV7 everyday at 12 pm, Princess Hour. For those who love K Pop things, i'm very sure you know what the drama about. This is my first time watching the drama and my first impression said the drama is fantastic. However, i'm started watching this drama when the drama already on Episode 15, so the beginning of the drama i'm totally zero. 

So, i'm started asking people around me if they have downloaded the drama. The funny is, i'm asking my boyfriend to look for the drama with his friends. Hahaha. I totally forgot the possibility boys watching this K Pop things is 25%. Unfortunately, the result come out with very disappointed. 

My friend suggested me to download the drama by myself. The problem is, i'm never download a Drama before. So, i don't know where to start that. I just know to download something from you tube so, just try and error. I'm searching the drama at you tube and taraaaaaaa!! 

Yes, this weekend i'm downloading the drama by my self. Still in progress, I'm downloading episode 9 during i'm writing this entry. Now, i'm proudly say anyone from you want this drama.,You can get that from me. Totally. Complete. 

Or learning how to download that from you tube. 

I believe most of you know how to download something from you tube. Simple. 

Now, i can't wait to watch the drama from the beginning until the ending. Yipiiiiii!!! 

I know this time, my entry not fun to read but at least, i can write something for you this weekend. 

or giving you the idea what to do this weekend. :) Such a honor.