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Monday, December 6, 2010


From scale 1 until 10, how much your loves your room? For my room, I love it more than my best shoes I ever had. However, for my beautiful friend, Atika Farha, her room is everything for her. She deserves to be room designer rather than to be accounting I guess. Haha. You have to change your course in UITM immediately, Farha! Everyone is a good designer but you are great designer. You were born as designer, Farha. Hey guys, do you want to know something? The best things about her room, her room being inspiration for us in DARA magazine! Yeay! I’m quiet surprise about it, I don’t know at all about the magazine. If DARA choose her room in their magazine, meaning to say that her room is really beautiful and amazing!  Right? I found about her room in her photo in FACEBOOK. The title of the photo is “bilik I masuk majalah” and the title’s article is “ Kamar Atika Cetusan Idea Bersama” inside the magazine. 

DARA magazine!
I m shocked and said “wow”! I laugh, screaming, and have little jealous to her! Yes, its completely insane, my friend in magazine! I never trust it but I have to trust it. She is so amazing! Yeah, even I had little jealous to her, I have to tell her how amazing she is! Of course also my congratulations! Later, she offers me to see her real room in YM! Well, I have to grab the chance! Who knows? I can design my room according to her room. Ouh! No! I m not copying at all her room, perhaps can get my inspirational for my room. It is not wrong huh? I just refer to her room if I have no idea to make my room more beautiful and arrange! Hehehe. Well, she also gives me permission to keep her room’s pictures! Thank you Farha! Then, she started to send me the pictures in YM, for the beginning it’s not good. I can’t see the pictures. It just to blur and make my eyes have to smaller to see the pictures, oh god, I got a little disappointed because I really to see her room. She is so kind and she said that okay, she will send one by one of the pictures. So that I can see and its can avoid the blur happens.  Yeay, but you know. It’s taking a long time to do that.  I make her time wasted because of me, I feel guilty. For sure, of course. Hehe.  For my first expression, her room is really beautiful and more arranged! I m so comfy see her room, her room is huge, and we can put more furniture in the room, just not like my room it is just so smaller and I can’t put more furniture. It can be crowded because I don’t have adequate space for that. I love to have her room.  Oh good! Hehehe.  Never mind, one day I will make sure to have beautiful and great room just like you, whenever I can get my own home in my own rules! Hahaha. I don’t have to follow my mom’s rules anymore! ;p well, congratulations ATIKA FARHA!

This following picture is the view of her room. Hope it can be your inspiration too.  Enjoy it ;)

do you see the pink one in the top left? i wish to have that in my room!

so girly room! ;)

i love the desk!

what a huge!

the curtain murtain!


P/S : Lately, Farha is the winner of LISA SURIHANI’s contest. I guess she is wanted to be artist like Jennifer Lopes rather than internal designer. Haha.

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