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Wednesday, December 8, 2010



Yesterday, my beautiful sisters and I went to the Golden Screen Cinema located Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka watched a new movie produced by Walt Disney Animations Studios, RAPUNZEL. Such a great and excellent movie! I’m really enjoyed and entertain see the Rapunzel , lonely girl live in highest tower in the middle of the woods with her adopted mother found her true love. Everything was started by a magical flower by a single ray of sun hit the ground. This was found by an elderly old woman, Gothel. She keeps and hide the magical flower by pubic because the flower had ability to make her keep young and pretty. How she can do that? By singing a song to the magical flower. The kingdom had a lovely king and queen,  one day, to given birth their princess, the queen was fall sick and need the magical flower to heals her and lovely cute daughter. Many people seek the magical flower while, Gothel hide the flower in her personal used.


However, the magical flower was found by the people and heals the queen. Then, she gives birth the princess healthy and was naming her as RAPUNZEL. The princess has beautiful blondy hair. One night, Gothel come to the palace hidely and try to cut RAPUNZEL’s hair that she believes has same power with the magical flower. Regretfully not, the power was died together with the haircut. Then, Gothel was changed her mind and kidnap RAPUNZEL just like that. The king and queen also whole of entire kingdom were sad on their lost princess. In the middle deep woods, Gothel was raised the RAPUNZEL just like her daughter. She isolates RAPUNZEL in highest tower and never let RAPUNZEL to see a real world outside.  RAPUNZEL will sing her while Gothel will keep young and pretty.  However, every RAPUNZEL’s birthday, the kingdom sends many floating lantern in hope they can get back their lost princess and every single RAPUNZEL’s birthday, she look it in the sky, see the lanterns and have a dream to see that more nearest view. Eighteen years later, she makes a request to Gothel, to bring her to see the lantern. However, Gothel was rejecting her and telling her the world is really dangerous.

 Meanwhile, Flynn Ryder and his twins friend, wanted thief in the kingdom was steal the tiara belong to the lost princess in the palace. With full of liar and smart, Flynn Rider leaves the twins friend capture by castle guard and run together with the tiara. In order to hide the tiara and himself, of course. He was enter wrongly to a tower belong to RAPUNZEL. RAPUNZEL, to keep herself safely, she capture the thief and hide the tiara. In return to give back the tiara, she was asked the Flynn Rider to be her guide to bring her to see the floating lantern in the city. Having no choice, Flynn Rider has to say yes. In a journey to see the floating lantern, many dangerous things happen and they care each other. So, they fall in love to each other. Unfortunately, Gothel used the twins friend of Flynn to get back the RAPUNZEL, she also was stabbed the Flynn Rider and Flynn died. However, the tears of RAPUNZEL was heals him, returning him to live, she couldn’t use the magic from her hair to heals him because before died, Flynn was cut all RAPUNZEL hair. She lost her power. Just like other story Fairytales. They live together happily ever after. ;)


Flynn Rider

P/S:  what happens if Paris Hilton cut her hair? Maybe she lost her ‘POWER’ too. hahaha. :p

Paris Hilton

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