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Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hey guys. See you all again. For this time, I would like to talk about something really important to teenagers’ girls nowadays! MAKE UP or THINGS TO RAISE YOUR CONFIDENCES in front of publics! So, lets look from my desk, what‘s things or make up for practically in my keeps that usually you have been wear too? Okay. HERE YOU GO!

from my mirror

I have four perfumes and just one I use to wear for practically. Shurah’s perfume, okay I buy this perfume in INTEKMA, in my UITM during my MMS, yaeay I know! It’s quiet been a long time I keep this perfume but you know, I love to collect it and I do believe I can’t use it anymore. It can cause my skin to be allergic, I guess. This type of perfume is not my favourite actually. However, during that time, desperate situation you know, I forgot to bring my perfume from home, MMS is  something like Make-More Sweat that can make your hygiene lowest at the time and finally tell me, do you think I have to wait until for a week to get my perfume at home? Totally disagree! Eventually, I buy it and use just for a week and when I get my real perfume, I just leave it in my beautiful box until now! And no one cares! The end for Shurah! The second one, Avon’s Perfume, this one gift from my best friend, Addin, she give me for my birthday in Part 3, I think. Lovely smell, I wear it everyday since she give it to me until I realize I wear it too much and just can keep for a few in the small bottle, so I told my self, I have to get replacement for the perfume and this perfume must be in my collection, then and later then, I found Body Shop’s perfume, the rougeberry one, I fall in love with this smell, and Wanie, my roommate introduced it to me, she wear it, so I wait until she change her perfume, I buy it eventually with my boyfriend! The same happens to Body Shop one, I just let a few in the own bottle and make my collection when I get Victoria Secret, Pure Seduction gift from my boyfriend! And now, I use it and wait until it also can make addition into my collection. J I know certain of you say “ oo, nisa, other people have more expensive perfume than you, and they didn’t tell everyone through their blog just like you and your cheaper perfume!” isn’t?  hehe. I don’t care at all, I just share it my experience and I think it doesn’t wrong at all! pardon.. J

My perfumes!

I use Johnson’s products from I m still in school, and I think from I m still baby, I guess. Actually, everybody grown up with Johnson, I think. It makes our skin beautiful and smooth naturally just like baby’s skin and I guess, everyone knows that! Right?  yeayyy! Now, l just uses their baby powder, for my daily use after taking shower. Their baby cologne which is makes me fresh to start my day. Lastly, their baby oil, that usually I used it as my make up remover. I do believe you also at least have one Johnson’s Product in your keeps.I choose rexona as my deodorant. You know, just for my hygiene when I m getting sweat. I use to wear Nivea before but it doesn’t suit to me, you know, I m not comfy when I wear it. I have two types of Rexona’s deodorant, Stick and Roll, I have spray too, actually, but I think it’s gone, gone to my sister’s hand. Hehe.

Johnson and Rexona

For my toner and moisturizer, Clean and Clear was given me the best for that. Its introduce by my cousin, Puan Netty, she has blog too, you can jump for a while to My Friend’s Blog, it’s really suit with me, and I think I get less pimple than before. Their toner it’s really works. Thanks Puan Netty! For my lotion I use the Syahirah, it’s have soft smell, has Vitamin C and E for your skin! Perfect for my skin! J

I love nail polish, I use it every time I get dating with my boyfie and hanging out with friends and family. This is my new hobby, make collection for my Nail Poliish! I just have 4 colours now, actually five, but I can use just four for practically, purple, gold, pink, and red. The black one was dried and can’t use it anymore. When you have nail polish, it’s compulsory for you to have their remover. If don’t, how can you make it clean, right? So, nail polish from guardian! It’s just not only clean your nail, but it also can have other functions too, such as moisturizes your nail and cuticles it.

Nail Remover

Sanitizer is actually something really important to me and I will bring it anywhere I go. Always in my handbag! It does can reduce the bacteria whenever I touch public place. It’s really save me. It’s really hard for me, I’m always sick and I have weakest antibody. It’s cause from bacteria. So, sanitizer from Watson it’s necessary for me. For my hair, I have less attention on it. I don’t have any oil and whatever regarding hair, this Sunsilk was give by my sister, I just use it just 2 times and just let it like that on my box. The cream by Safi Balqis also have same fate with the Sunsilk, hehehe, I use Safi Balqis before I use Clean and Clear, and now its live in my make-up bag without any touch!

Really intensive care for my dry lips! It’s my daily use. It’s really save my lips. Even sometimes hopefully, have a little magic on it and get Angelina Jolie one! Who knows? Hehehe. This facial puffs from Watsons and has 100% Pure Cottons. It’s ideal for applying cleanser or toner, or use with nail polish remover. It’s also suitable for personal care and baby care. Its help you to get ultra soft feel! The other factors why I buy it, it’s orange, beautiful and side sealed! :p

Silkygirl, the new one, I have green, blue, purple and white! It’s makes more funky and chill style! The broken one is black and dark chocolate. Its make you more gothic and your eyes look big! Lastly, the Body Shop one, pink! Make you more natural and girly! :D I use the pencil one than liquid and gel. I m not so confident to wear the liquid one! However, for coming soon I will try the gel one! Hey, it’s coming from Silkygirl too. I just to obsess to be Sharifah Amani! Oush! :p

I have two CP and both coming from Silkygirl again! yeay, I know! Too much from Silkygirl right? I like them! Ouh no, I love them! Usually, I will use the colour which suit with my skin colour, I don’t want to look more plastic, I just want look natural I think you too try to get that huh? The foundation, the same way just like CP which I m trying to get its suit with my skin colour. No too much plastic! From silkygirl too! I should accept appreciation from Silkygirl I guess! J

I have more things for my lips! More lipstic! Usually, I use the natural and pink. I don’t like too red in my lips, its look you need attention from everyone. Furthermore, my skin not suitable with bright colour! Blusher from MAC, my mom give to me, I use the pink one and I just put a little in my face to make it shining and prevent from people to say you look pale! Mascara is My favourite all the times! From Maybelline, I love to wear it everywhere I go! It’s something compulsory for me to wear it if I’m going out! J

That’s it. Actually, this entire thing was be my precious things in my life! I love them more than I love my………….. I don’t know! I love everything that belongs to me! J

P/s: wow! It’s been longest entry I’d ever made! Three pages of Microsoft Word!

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