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Saturday, December 4, 2010

…they are look alike similar?...

“Betul-betul or hai,nama saya upin ini adik saya ipin, ini kisah kami berdua!”  You must laugh when you read this dialogue isn’t? hehe. Yeah, me too.This dialogue is so familiar in our lives today.  Instead, many kids copying this dialogue in their little world.  Yeah, is all about UPIN AND IPIN story! The little twin brothers! They are so cute and being idol to our kids today. Well, not only kids are their fans, adult too. My mother also fills the registration form to take part in their fan club. How amazing! Their phenomenon was controlled all over the Country! Not only in Malaysia, but they had been in India, Indonesia and Singapore too. Supper! Congratulation UPIN AND IPIN! You are great! CONGRATULATIONS LES COPAQUE! Doing a great job! So, what is so interesting about UPIN AND IPIN? Well people, it just not about story of them. However, it’s all about the culture and region in Malaysia. It’s about 1 Malaysia that our Prime Minister announces as our theme and motto. The story about a journey of the twins lives in a village with their grandmother and sister.  They also have many friends from different races and region such as Muthu and Mei Mei which are Indian and Chinese respectively. They also show us about good values and personality like helping each other and respect old people. So, it does really can be a good idol to our kids. Nevertheless, not all good things are the best thing for 100% right? I am not so agree about their language sometimes. For example, UPIN AND IPIN always use “kau” and “aku” in their communication. Its sound rude and rough I guess. My little cousin who just 5 years old and twins in coincidence was started use “kau” and “aku” from “kita” and “awak” in their communication. When I try to make it right, they were take UPIN AND IPIN as their excuses why they use the language. It’s not good right? YESS! I guess. Ohh! Nope! I confirm to say its bad! So, why not LES COPAQUE change the way of communication to be something good to listen and copy by our kids? If they improving this, I’m very sure to say UPIN AND IPIN is so safely to be our kids’ idol! Yeah, if you say you and your sibling was use “kau” and “aku” and it’s just like a common situation. I will say it too because even my two beautiful sisters show me how they respect me as their eldest sister, they also using “kau” and “aku” as the way to communicate with me. However, my followers, do you thinks it’s good? NO! Therefore, I’ll be thank you to LES COPAQUE to be more civil. J.. hehe.. I have to stop now! My sister said it’s too long to be my new entry. Must I? hehe. Okay. Hope you still enjoy with UPIN AND IPIN story! What I have written down above is just comment only. I have no intention to say UPIN AND IPIN is worst! Seriously! Hehehe.. No hard feeling okay! J PEACE!

P/s: do you realize sometimes UPIN AND IPIN have repeated episode in TV9? Hehehe.. I can copy their dialogue too before they action. Ngee..

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