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Sunday, May 1, 2011

4 months!

yes, first of all, i just want to said thattttt...
i m gonna finish my diploma soon as i get the result of this Final!
so, Good Bye Diploma!!
insyallah, if i past all of the subject for all this semester. ;)

okay, end of this Final Exam yesterday,
so, start my semester break for 4 months..
its very long time,
until that time, i promise gonna update my blog everyday..
Nysa Gonna Follow Yours Back!! 
starting for today..

okay, so cuti 4 months ni..
what i m gonna do?
_ learn to Play Guitar
_ help my Mak Usu's business
_ Play with My little Cousin
_ Blogging
_ Download Movies
_ Play games for my Facebook
_ Decorate My room
_ Sleep
_ Shopping
_ Gonna watch every New Movies in Cinema 
_ Hanging Out with My Satiza Group
_ Stalking 
_ Hanging out with My Boyfriend
_ Collect money for my Driving License
_ Collect Money for my new phone
_ Teach add math to my sister
_ chores for Home
_ Reading Novel
_ looking for some new hobby
_ watching every movies in My lappy
_ Tweet
_ Learn cooking
_ get ready for My Degree! 


hopefully, i can do all list above for this cuti semester,
very beneficial things lah kan?
jangan lah asik tidur jer Nysa oi..
4 months cuti ni,
i ll leave my accounting book in sidelines
then i m gonna do everything i cant do during studies!
No limitations for me in THIS MONTHS!!


okay Bye!!

diakhiri dengan gambar2 ni untuk penutup tirai!!

cool kan? Credit To Photoscape!
That's How I roll!!


fiq. said...

saya pon cuti 4 bulan. boleh mati kutu.

nisa1069 said...

kan? betol tu, harap fiq pon buat lah benda yang mendatang kan kebaikan yer? :)

Farah said...

waa, banyaknye bende nak buat..hehe..
Farah pun dah 4 bulan cuti, dah nak masuk bulan kelima dah pun..penganggur terhormat lah katekan..hehe

nisa1069 said...

hehehe. banyak kan nak buat? macam2 lah yer. semua ni tak tahu boleh buat ke tak! baru bis belajar ke? nak tunggu sambung belanja lagi?